The BouillaBabes at Mid City Makers Market

No matter what else you want to say about Louisiana, it has some of the best food in the country. In recent years, Baton Rouge has enjoyed an exponential rise in the availability of fine and craft foods thanks to the hard work of so many talented culinary professionals. If you have been paying attention to BR’s food scene, you have probably already heard of BouillaBabes Catering — the unapologetically female caterers and general food fiends.

Jamie Brown & Sydney Harkins, The BouillaBabes

I first met the BouillaBabes when we needed catering for a reception at work. Jamie Brown and Sydney Harkins came to our rescue, ensuring all our guests had an amazing spread to spend the whole evening talking about. Since then, I have had the chance to try a few more of their dishes — never having a bad one.

I recently had the chance to catch up with Jamie and Sydney at Baton Rouge’s Mid City Maker’s Market. They had three different tacos to choose from, an elote dip, and a lavender lemonade. I had skipped lunch that day and it was coming up on dinner time, so I was hungry.


I tried the red curry pulled pork tacos, the beef & chorizo tacos, and the lavender lemonade. In south Louisiana, summer lasts into October, so it was no surprise that an outdoor event in mid-September, the lavender lemonade was a godsend. While I enjoyed the beef & chorizo tacos, I fell in love red curry pulled pork.

Tacos with Drink
Two Chorizo & Beef Tacos and Two Red Curry Pulled Pork Tacos

Until recently, I would not have thought to put Asian flavors into a flour tortilla and call it a taco. I love tacos to a (un)healthy degree, and the ‘Babes have opened my mind. The creaminess of the peanut butter was a mellow compliment to the spiciness of the pulled pork which was the perfect balance for the sweetness of the apples in the slaw. I loved that the peanuts added a crunch to the taco, making it an interesting meal on many levels. These tacos were the high-point of an amazing meal.

The beef & chorizo tacos were also tasty. The saltiness and smokiness of the chorizo were definitely the stars of this taco. The flavors of the veggies, cotija cheese, and green sauce melded together with the ground meat for a cohesive taco of deliciousness. This was a masterfully built taco, definitely worth the money, but I have to admit that I will choose the red curry tacos when given the choice. Given the heat of the afternoon, the lemonade was amazing — it had the tart and sweetness everyone loves in lemonade with a floral twist.

In short, if you get the opportunity to have the BouillaBabes feed you, be sure to take it. I am thankful that I got to meet them, and I suggest them whenever we need caterers at work now.

Have you tried their food? Tell me about your favorite dishes below.

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