Fun Sichuan Cooking in Lafayette

If you have read my blog for a while, you have probably noticed that I really enjoy Asian flavors and dishes. I talked about culture and food with my Curry Braised Fish, one of my first attempts at creating a Thai inspired dish. Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the soft opening of Chopsticks Fresh Asian Cuisine in Lafayette, LA. A … Continue reading Fun Sichuan Cooking in Lafayette

Mango Cherry Braised Meatballs

As I was reflecting on the recipes I have written for this blog, I realized there haven’t been any appetizer recipes yet. I have mainly focused on entrees and side dishes, though there have been a couple of  desserts. As more holiday parties are coming up, I thought we would all enjoy having a nice appetizer to add to our repertoire. These meatballs will be a … Continue reading Mango Cherry Braised Meatballs

Post-Thanksgiving Arancini

Thanksgiving is, arguably, the most important food holiday of the year. Feasting with loved ones gives us a chance to remember the things that give our lives meaning. However, after a couple of days, that leftover turkey carcass starts to feel more like an albatross around our necks than a source of deliciousness. It takes creativity to keep your post-Thanksgiving meals interesting. You can only … Continue reading Post-Thanksgiving Arancini

Roasted Turkey

While Christmas is my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving has, arguably, the best food. The centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table is undoubtedly the turkey. A perfectly roasted bird sets the tone of the whole meal. Some people say they don’t care for turkey, but most of those people have suffered through bland and/or dry Thanksgiving meals. I feel sorry for those people, a properly prepared turkey is … Continue reading Roasted Turkey