Mango Cherry Braised Meatballs

As I was reflecting on the recipes I have written for this blog, I realized there haven’t been any appetizer recipes yet. I have mainly focused on entrees and side dishes, though there have been a couple of¬†¬†desserts. As more holiday parties are coming up, I thought we would all enjoy having a nice appetizer to add to our repertoire. These meatballs will be a … Continue reading Mango Cherry Braised Meatballs

Apple Braised Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin

Anyone who knows me knows that I detest the oppressive heat of the seemingly interminable Southern summers. My favorite time of year is the short period between the heat of the summer and damp cold of winter. Few fruits invoke my favorite time of year like the apple, with its sweet crispness and culinary versatility. For years, my Memaw has praised the pairing of apples … Continue reading Apple Braised Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin